OFR Consultants has supported the Antarctic Infrastructure Modernisation Programme, which includes the modernisation of the UK’s largest research hubs — the Rothera Research Station on Antarctica.

The OFR team is supporting Ramboll in their capacity as technical advisor to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) by providing fire strategy support for the research station since 2019.

Bruce Wulff, Director, Ramboll Framework Manager said: “To date OFR has delivered some challenging projects and in all cases has met the agreed programme, deadlines and budgets. The OFR team are a pleasure to work with, always delivering what they promise. They are professional, personable and technically very competent. They have helped Ramboll, BAS and the contractor overcome some very challenging fire designs in Antarctica. Speaking on behalf of the other Ramboll project managers who echo my feelings, and based on their performance to date I can confirm I am very happy that I will be working with them for the foreseeable future.”

"OFR are working with Ramboll as part of the Technical Advisor (TA) team working for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), on a 10 year, single supplier framework. BAS, the TA and the contractor are completely committed to working in a collaborative partnership and OFR has embraced this approach wholeheartedly. There is complete trust, openness and honesty between the partners."


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Did you know?

Because the Rothera station is just south of the Antarctic circle, it is light for 24 hours a day during summer, and for a few weeks in winter the sun never rises above the horizon.