My Whole Self Day: “We’re more than our job title”

Our OFR colleagues have spent some time this week answering the question ‘How would you introduce yourself without using your job title?’ The question was motivated by our involvement in the campaign ‘My Whole Self’ which aims to highlight workplace culture change, which culminates on 12th March for My Whole Self Day. Here our colleague Sam Bryant tells us more.

At OFR, there is no higher priority than maintaining the wellbeing of our colleagues, and we’re keen to embrace any initiative that supports and emphasises this. The My Whole Self Day campaign, coordinated by MHFA England®, raises awareness of the fact that life can be challenging and how things that go on outside of work can have a huge impact on all parts of our lives. It encourages a kinder culture where everyone feels safe, secure, and comfortable to bring their whole selves to work.

With wide and varied answers such as ‘father of three,’ cleaning obsessed’ and ‘a folk dancer,’ the question stimulated some great conversations and encouraged our teams to learn more about one another. More poignantly, it served as a reminder that our professional persona forms only a small part of our identity. 

The campaign encourages workplaces to celebrate and embrace our diverse identities and experiences covering all aspects of our lives such as background, sexuality, religion, gender, health, and mental health. It demonstrates the importance of feeling valued and empowered in the workplace, recognising that when people feel psychologically safe, teams can unlock innovation and excellence.

Other intriguing responses from our colleagues included ‘sword fighter,’ ‘petrolhead’ and ‘a history nerd’ alongside some deeper thoughts such as ‘on a quest to find joy at every opportunity’ and ‘ambivert but reserved.’ 

Overall, the campaign helps us to appreciate the wonderfully diverse team of people we have at OFR and how embracing and accepting every part of us is fundamental to our wellbeing.