Learning at Work Week: Molly Jordan

This week our team has joined businesses up and down the country to highlight the impact of a positive learning and development culture for Learning at Work Week.

In our final article we talk to Finance Assistant Apprentice, Molly Jordan who explains why continued learning in her role has developed both her personal and professional skills…

Since joining OFR I have gained valuable experience working in a new industry and I feel that my apprenticeship has certainly given me the opportunity to explore a new field and learn relevant knowledge for my role. My finance apprenticeship has also allowed me to learn skills around business structures, policies, ethics and sustainability. I also had the opportunity to attend Springboard sessions – these are OFR training sessions where I gained the opportunity to learn about leveraging my strengths, being proactive, time management and confidence. Alongside benefitting my role at OFR, these skills have also allowed me to develop my personal growth.

In my apprenticeship I attend a college session one afternoon a week where I have face-to-face teaching with a tutor; I regularly receive feedback and participate in reviews which help me to reflect and improve. Being in this learning environment in addition to the day-to-day business has really helped me to focus on my goals and has supported my learning. Additionally, the Springboard training sessions have allowed me to enhance my skills.

As I am at the beginning of my career, I find that it is important to be continuously learning new skills so that I can contribute to the business and build my confidence in our workplace. Continual learning is already benefitting my role as I am developing having the skills and knowledge to grow personally and professionally.