Helping our colleagues through the OFR Technical Institute: Part 2

Investment in personal and professional development is an important part of our culture at OFR, and today – as we continue our new series of blogs, in which colleagues tell us about their experiences with the OFR Technical Institute – we meet Muthia Khairunisa. Muthia gained her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Kyoto University, Japan and her Master’s in Fire Safety Engineering from the IMFSE program – here she talks about benefitting from the OFR Technical Institute.

I joined OFR in September 2022 through the graduate recruitment program immediately after completing my Master’s and I am currently enjoying my role as a graduate fire engineer based in London. My primary involvement lies in the design process rather than the implementation team, which I am really enjoying.

I had the opportunity to attend several initial modules of the Technical Institute during the Graduate Day in January and I found them really enjoyable – they acted as a great refresher for the important principles of fire science and engineering.

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned from the modules has been that it has helped me to realise the importance of going back to the fundamental science when I am faced with codes and regulations. It’s essential not to blindly rely on them but to understand the underlying principles.

Working at OFR has been a fantastic experience for me since I joined the business last year. It has definitely provided numerous opportunities for learning and personal growth and I attribute this to the fact that the team consists of individuals who are always eager to develop and share their knowledge. It’s an ideal environment to kickstart my career and I am finding it highly motivating.


Muthia Khairunisa

Graduate Fire Engineer

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