Even better days – more OFR colleagues support good causes

Colleagues in Scotland supported The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) this week – a charity organising and managing conservation projects all over the UK. In this article, our colleague Lewis Strachan tells us more about supporting the organisation at a site in Glasgow as part of our Better Days offering. 

OFR is a supportive organisation to say the least, and one of my favourite things about working here is the opportunity to take time away from the office to support great local causes through our Better Days initiative. 

This week, I and seven other colleagues from the OFR Glasgow team supported TCV, spending our day in Crow Wood to clear Rhododendron. This is an invasive plant which restricts the growth of native species such as Oak trees – something that has a huge knock on effect to the biodiversity within the forest. 

The representatives from TCV were excellent, injecting enthusiasm and telling us stories about their work in the local community – especially their challenges in clearing the increasing Rhododendron growth over the last two years. 

It was an honour to have had the opportunity to help; days like these are of course tiring and challenging, but the rewards far outweigh that as we see the difference we have made! It was so easy to get involved, with TCV supplying all the equipment we needed – so I’d recommend any other organisations in Glasgow or across the country to support if they can! Find out more here.


Lewis Strachan

Graduate Fire Engineer

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