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Last month we told you about a special community project we’d supported in London. The Paper Garden, which is run by the charity Global Generation, who have transformed a former car park into a 200m2 classroom and ecology garden – a collaborative seedbed in which to nurture creativity and community. To celebrate the completion of the garden, our OFR colleagues Eddy Ng and Liam Caddy attended an event as part of the London Festival of Architecture; here Liam shares some of the pictures and highlights. 

It really was an honour to be back at the Paper Garden this week. Eddy and I were privileged to attend the event, meet lots of lovely local people, as well as hearing from local kids, and construction industry peers who contributed to a panel discussion on what the Paper Garden means for the local community. 

The event was hosted as part of the annual London Festival of Architecture, allowing developers, architects, designers and companies like OFR to celebrate it coming to fruition. 

The garden is currently one of London’s biggest circular economy buildings and the only two storey cavity wall cordwood building in the UK. A sustainable place, the design takes a radical approach to sustainability, targeting a negative carbon footprint through the re-use of construction materials. 

Find out more about the event here.

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