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AELTC Wimbledon

OFR Consulting are currently working closely with the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) on several refurbishment and alteration projects across the site. This is underpinned by the production of fire strategy summaries and integrated fire risk assessments for every building on the site, which has provided a clear, consistent suite of documents for the AELTC to base their fire safety management on. These are also now used as briefing documents for ongoing projects across the site.

This has been further supported by a fire risk grading exercise which has been developed in conjunction with Zurich Insurance to assess factors beyond Building Regulations such as protection of branding, global reputation and operational continuity.

Our projects at Wimbledon include the following:

1 Court redevelopment

Museum building extension

New Media pavilion

New covered courts building

Millennium Building redevelopment

We have also provided fire safety advice for a number of smaller projects around the site.

"The opportunity to work on behalf of the AELTC at this prestigious site has been an incredible experience for our team — many of whom are huge tennis fans! These developments required specialist knowledge which we were well positioned to provide."


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Did you know?

The original No.1 Court was built in 1924 and was attached to the west side of Centre Court. Originally it had a capacity of about 3,250, with 2,500 seats and approximately 750 standing.