Waterfront Colombo

The Waterfront development in Colombo, also known as Cinnamon Life, will be a key new destination for Sri Lanka and is the first project of its kind in the capital city of Colombo. The development includes residential and office accommodation in high rise towers, with a main block containing car parking, a retail mall, extensive hospitality and conference facilities and an 800 bed hotel.

Situated in a premier location of the city, the scheme includes a 6 star hotel, apartment blocks, large retail centre, office buildings and car parks. It is a city within a city.

"OFR Consulting are the fire engineer for the whole development, responsible for the fire strategy that addresses the variety of uses of the buildings, while reflecting the specific challenges of the Sri Lankan construction and building management approaches."


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Did you know?

Colombo is the largest city of the island country of Sri Lanka in the northern Indian Ocean off the southern Coast of India. Sri Lanka was formerly known as Ceylon until 1972. With its cinnamon supply and a large, deep natural harbor strategically positioned along East-West trade routes, Colombo was known to and valued by Indian, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs, and Chinese traders more than 2,000 years ago.