Our Technical Director has co-edited a new book

Our OFR team are experts in fire engineering, committed to delivering pre-eminent expertise to protect people, property and the environment; today our colleague and technical director Dr Danny Hopkin has further cemented our position in the industry, co-editing a newly released book, whilst co-authoring several chapters.  

The International Handbook of Structural Fire Engineering has been co-edited by Danny, working alongside the Boston-based US consultant Kevin LaMalva and in collaboration with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE). Together the pair have overseen the drafting of a 500+ page tome aimed at helping practicing fire engineers better understand structural performance in the event of a fire. It is also expected to become a resource for students reading fire engineering.

The editors called in the expertise of other renowned fire engineers who have written chapters within the book including other OFR colleagues — Ruoxi Shi and Michael Spearpoint.

Speaking of its publication, Danny said: “I am proud of this handbook and hope that it will become a valuable resource for industry peers and students alike.

“As the fire safety industry continues to develop, it is imperative that professionals in our sector continue to learn and uphold best practice as they strive to create safe and sustainable buildings. I hope that the valuable input of some of the world’s leading fire engineering minds will help shape their thinking and help fire engineers pioneer intelligent and considered new designs as we move forward.”

The book can be ordered now by following this link.


Danny Hopkin

Technical Director

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