Our journey to Net Zero; OFR partners with the World Land Trust

As we continue our journey to Net Zero, finding new ways in which to reduce our impact on the environment, we are today proud to announce the start of our Carbon Balancing journey with the World Land Trust (WLT).  

We’re proud of the partnership which has already begun to balance our carbon emissions through funding which directly contributes to the protection of critically threatened tropical forest and the restoration of degraded habitats. Over the past few decades, the WLT has helped to purchase or directly protect more than 2,409,420 acres of valuable habitats and funded the planting of more than 2,457,900 trees worldwide; in its latest annual report the WLT announced that supporters of its Carbon Balanced programme offset 82,966 tCO2e, enough to cancel the annual emissions of 44,000 average UK cars!

OFR is now proud to be a part of this and involved in the projects that have a hugely positive impact on the natural world. It’s another signal of our commitment to the environment; OFR will continue to measure and balance our greenhouse gas emissions through this partnership and will be working to put measures in place to help us reach our net zero targets. 

Read more about the amazing work that the World Land Trust does here –  Rainforest and Wildlife conservation in action with World Land Trust and the Carbon Balanced projects they undertake here – Our Projects – World Land Trust.

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Daniel Codd

Operations Director

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