The International Women in Engineering Day Series: Meet Maisie

23rd June is International Women in Engineering Day and to celebrate, we’re hearing from the great women in our business, as they talk about their careers in this sector. 

We’re concluding the series with an interview today with our fire engineer Maisie Gleeson. Here, Bath-based Maisie tells us more about establishing her career, and why she didn’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer! 

What is your role at OFR?

I work as a fire engineer. I help architects and other designers ensure their building meets the regulations on fire safety. Day-to-day that means marking up architect drawings, writing reports, attending meetings and the best part – going out on site visits! 

What do you love about the work you do?

I love that it is so varied. I am mainly involved in the earlier design stages, so I work primary on the overall principles of the fire strategy rather than the detailed implementation which suits me perfectly. I will work on several different projects a day and there is always something new to learn.

What made you pursue a career in engineering?

I found that in school always I was pushed into professions such as a doctor or a lawyer, but my parents are doctors, so I wanted to do anything but that! I also didn’t really like English, so lawyer wasn’t of interest. I enjoyed maths and science, but wanted something that was practical and applicable, not just theoretical – and that’s how I came to choose engineering.

Have you faced any challenges as a woman in this sector?

None at all. OFR is very supportive and we have lots of female colleagues who inspire each other.

As I work in design, I think there is more of a balance as disciplines like architecture and project management have higher percentages of female staff than traditional construction and engineering roles. In my experience, if you have a good support network, and a company that gives you the training and knowledge to do your role well, being a woman in this sector isn’t an issue.


Maisie Gleeson

Graduate Fire Engineer

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