Chris Mayfield

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Chris Mayfield

MSc BSc (Hons) AIFireE

Chris holds 12 years’ experience within the field, previously with consultancies including BRE and Trenton Fire as well as a fire safety adviser with the University of Warwick. Chris’ experience of fire strategy development and fire safety management is informed and balanced by his time spent as a fire strategy developer as well as on the opposite side of the fence - as a receiver of and implementor of fire strategies prepared by others.

His role with OFR Consultants, based in Bicester sees him tasked with providing a pro-active, high quality, comprehensive fire engineering advice, which encompasses all aspects of fire safety. He has a wide experience of identifying appropriate and design enabling solutions in a wide range of applications and has developed fire strategies and fire risk assessments on complex projects including Gatwick Airport, TJX retail warehouse as well as the University of Warwick’s abundance of entertainment, engineering, laboratories  and residential facilities. 

Key expertise:

Fire strategy development for large places of assembly, fire risk assessment for large and complex estates, insight for building managers as to the trade-off between the possible and the practical and full scale fire research and testing.