Every project deserves support...

It’s now three years since we started OFR Consultants. In that time we have delivered support to some of the biggest projects in Europe, but also some of the smallest.

One of our founding principles was that too many smaller projects were going without proper advice either because the clients did not realise what a difference good quality fire engineering can make, or in some cases because fire engineers simply didn’t want to bother with smaller projects. Too regularly the latter seemed to be proportional to the size of the fire engineering business (or its parent) and relatively large projects could not access the best fire engineering resources.

We set out to change that from both ends. In forming OFR we wanted to up-the-game in terms of technical delivery from fire engineers in general, but to do that whilst providing support to the widest possible range of projects.

The key realisation was that to each client, their project, the thing that you as an engineer is supporting, is likely to be the focus of their life, their number one priority and big to them, no matter what the actual square footage is. That principle extends beyond the client to architects, contractors and communities.

This week, The Assembly, a small bar, in the sleepy suburb of Urmston, out on the edge of Manchester celebrates it’s first birthday. OFR worked with local businessman Sean to help determine how he could make best use of the available space and achieve a maximum but safe occupancy.

This month we will provide advice to some small practices designing two storey dwellings whilst we also support a major healthcare facility and continue to support some large arts sites and major residential schemes.

That’s because we believe that each and every project deserves support.