OFR 2018 Research Review

One of the frustrations that led to us setting up OFR was a strong desire to re-engage fundamental research with the delivery of fire engineering on projects. So from the outset, we set out to develop research programmes  that continue to explore both the boundaries of state-of-the-art fire engineering, but also examine some of the presumed foundations of the data applied in the day to day design of buildings.

Our research is led by Dr Mike Spearpoint in cooperation with Dr Danny Hopkin. Both Mike and Danny are vociferous proponents of the importance of research in engineering.

Mike recently put together this summary of OFR research in 2018 .

What really stands out is how Mike and Danny have influenced, collaborated and encouraged others . Charlie, Stephen, Ian, Ruoxi, Mel, Ieuan and Matthew all appear alongside Danny and Mike with completed papers and ongoing research.

Beyond our internal team, OFR have collaborated with a wide range of people in other consultancies and academia.

As a team, we believe this stuff matters and we have made growing commitments to deliver more of it. Next year we will do more research, encourage more collaboration and support more people within and outside of OFR.

We have scratched some itches this year, digging behind some of the presumptions around key variables that govern the design solutions which are delivered day to day and I would implore anyone who looks at a number in a guide or code to think “where did that come from, is the basis for that sound, has its meaning changed over time” and then to speak to Mike or Danny and turn that question into research.