Dog got a bone...

Last spring we were approached by a client who needed some advice about their shopping centre. The conclusion was that some evacuation modelling was required and Mike and Charlie from our Manchester office set about delivering the analyses. 

Almost immediately, they started questioning where the occupancy data had come from. This sparked one of our many in-office discussions. I grabbed a cuppa and we talked through this most fundamental data requirement. 

A few weeks later, after Charlie and Mike had descimated the long standing presumptions about occupancy data, they decided to turn the investigation into a paper. And here it is, published and peer reviewed.

I think some companies would have just told Mike and Charlie to use the standard data, or to stop wasting time and money. But that’s not our mindset. We formed this business to change how fire engineering is delivered and to do that you need to set your sights on the loftiest technical concepts, but sometimes also check you are stood on firm ground when doing so!