OFR Altogether

We recently brought our whole team together to discuss a range of technical and non-technical topics. 

It was truly amazing to have nearly 50 people in the room and we covered topics such as:

- Supporting clients with large mixed estates

- Retrospective fire strategy services on legacy projects

- Sprinkler coverage in residential schemes

- Large open plan flat solutions

- Modular construction design challenges and risk mitigation

- Residential evacuation design “should we stay or should we go” 

- Lift evacuation

We also did some “The Apprentice” style project pitch practice and discussed what “compliance” and “approval” actually mean.

CPD is so important to professional engineers and these sessions provided us with the opportunity to share ideas, discuss best practice and to consider future concepts.

Throughout the two days we punctuated our sessions with “Poster Presentations” by staff who are early in their careers. As a business we are committed to having an open approach to debate and discussion, so these presentations help those that might otherwise not be heard, have a voice. We’ll be posting those up on here soon.

We also asked everyone to think outside of work and talk about how they find “my space” a space to breathe, take stock and recharge. We did this by asking everyone to share an image and short piece of text. These were personal statements, quite revealing in some cases, inspirational in others. Over the next few weeks we’ll share those thoughts.